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Funeral stainless mortuary autopsy table

YS-AT106 funeral stretcher mortuary with cover ,Better protect the privacy of the deceased and prevent peculiar smell

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    7~15 days after we confirm the order
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    mortuary trolley
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    Width 81cm x Length 205 cm x Height 86.6 cm
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    stainless steel 304
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Product Description

Funeral stainless mortuary autopsy table

The YS-AT106 stainless mortuary table is designed for the dissection of cadavers and includes a recessed top with
eliminates the need for a body tray . Built with a 1" slope the table drains toward one end and into an optional
drain bucket which is neatly suspended under the frame . Two hinged covers are provided to securely
conceal the cadaver in discrete manner .
During the dissection the hinged covers lock neatly and securely under the table and out of the way . A PVC stop valve is located under the drain to stop the flow of fluids while emptying the bucket

Funeral mortuary Specifications

Product Funeral stainless mortuary autopsy table
Model YS-AT106
Load Capacity
180 KG
Width 8176cm x Length 218 cm x Table Height 91 cm
( Cover height 121 cm )

Stainless steel 304

Funeral mortuary trolley Details

funeral mortuary

Stainless mortuary table Standard Features

YS-AT106 Standard Features
Table Top : : The table top features full welded construction fabricated of stainless steel
Undercarriage Sub-Frame : : Heavy-duty undercarriage sub frame , "u " channel type design with continuous structural welding . material utilized is 304 stainless steel
Casters: Caster are heavy duty swivel wheels complete with swivel locks and wheel brakes

Frame : : The frame is constructed with four upright legs , two cross leg support tubes and two lateral support tubes .
Hood : The hood end caps are provided with continuous welding
Swing latches : Swing latches are provided to securely hold the hood open under the table while in use

stainless mortuary table

stainless mortuary table

Custom quotations upon request.
Please specify: size, gauge, and type of construction required. Legs may be added at drainboard end for more stability

stainless mortuary table

funeral mortuary

stainless mortuary table

mortuary autopsy table

funeral mortuary

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